"Some Sunny Night"© - the story

"Some Sunny Night"© is based on the true story of the “marathon-heroes” Ketil Moe (1966-99) handicapped Mark Wang from China, and their inspirations “the marathon-queen” Grete Waitz and Her Majesty Queen Sonja of Norway.

Ketil Moe from Lillesand in Norway, was born with the serious lung-disease Cystic Fibrosis. At the age of six, he was given few chances to survive. However, through a revolutionary training-program given by his doctors, he became the longest living person ever with his severe kind of handicap. With great help from his inspiration, the “marathon-queen” Grete Waitz, Ketil Moe completed 14 New York City Marathons, the last two with both of his lungs transplanted. He also started his own race for both handicapped and able-bodied, together with four times Olympic Champion Johann Olav Koss, called the “Race for Life”.

Mark Wang from China survived an air-crash at the age of twelve in the "Yellow River", and due to a spinal chord injury, both of his legs was paralysed. After five years at China's only rehabilitation - center, HM Queen Sonja of Norway visited Beijing. The Norwegian Queen gave Mark Wang a scholarship to become a student of United World College in Fjaler in Norway, as the first Chinese handicapped person ever.

In Norway Mark Wang met his role model, "the Marathon-hero from Lillesand", Ketil Moe. Together they managed to open the first Bejing Marathon also for handicapped people.

During these busy times Ketil Moe also met the love of his life, Astrid, who later became his wife. However, to save the world while at the same time saving the love, proved to be difficult...

Ketil Moe passed away dramatically after his 14th New York City Marathon in 1999, 32 years old.

His work and visions still live stronger than ever:

Mark Wang is now continuing Ketil Moe's work amongst China's 80 million handicapped people, and also in other parts of the world. In China there has been made a TV-series about Mark and Ketil, viewed by 800 million people.

The theme-song for this TV-series, "Angel of life", and the opera-musical "Some Sunny Night"© is written and composed by Thomas Stanghelle, a close friend to both Ketil Moe and Mark Wang. Thomas learnt to know these two noble human beings through his father, who was one of the doctors of both Ketil Moe and Mark Wang.